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> ***Note: the GitLab design repository is a read-only Seafile library mirror — files should be added from Seafile. If you are unsure, please [contact us] for assistance.***
<a href="" target="blank"><img src="/logo/export/snowdrift-logo_symbol-wordmark_dark-blue.svg.png" width="500px" height="80px" alt="" /></a>
# Design Repository
Official [] design-related files.
## Contributing
1. [Get in touch] with us
Let us know if there's a particular aspect of design you're interested in, e.g. UX. Some experience with Free/Libre/Open graphics software is a plus, but not required — everyone has their own blend of skills and we learn from each other. Much of the discussion on work in progress takes place on IRC or via [meetings]. You're welcome to hang around, ask questions or seek help with a task. Even if you aren't quite ready to get your feet wet, your feedback can be helpful to others in their design process.
2. Have a look at our [Design Guide]
Browse the repository for the latest production files as well a sense of the overall design direction. The latest UI mockups and prototypes can be found in individual repos, but please keep in mind these may change considerably before implementation.
3. Find [Issues] to work on
Create an account on this GitLab instance, assign the task to yourself and attach/link any files to the issue when you're done. *Please do not open a merge request* — the GitLab repository is a mirror of the Seafile library we use to store assets and files are not merged directly on GitLab.
[Get in touch]:
[Design Guide]:
## Documentation
- [Design Guide]( — has style guidelines to help maintain a consistent look and feel across web and print. Includes color swatch and font sizes.
- [Workflow - Illustration](workflow-illustration) — sample workflow with notes for making print-ready files.
## Other Repositories
- [prototypes]( — rapid prototypes
- [mray]( — working drafts covering many aspects of Snowdrift's design
- [msiep]( — working drafts, primarily UI mockups and source for prototypes
- [hanitles]( — working drafts, mainly illustration
- [iko]( — working drafts, mostly icons and pdf print files
## Contact
- Find us on [IRC] ` #snowdrift` or [Matrix] ` #snowdrift`
- Open a [GitLab issue]
- Start a topic at []
#### Accountable Governance Roles
- [Visual Design](
- [Interaction Design](
## Credits
- website mockups, logo, print and merchandise designs by [mray]
- snowdrift-dilemma illustration by [hanitles]
- pre-print processing (banners, poster, business cards), icons by [Iko]
- Mimi & Eunice comics and characters by [Nina Paley]
- website mockups prior to summer 2015 by Charles Allen, Taylor Keckler, Cody Johnson and Nathan Laughlin
## License
Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this repository are made available under the [CC-BY-SA 4.0] license.
The logo and trademarks are governed under the [trademark policy].
[contact us]:
[Contributor Guide]:
[GitLab issue]:
[Nina Paley]:
[CC-BY-SA 4.0]:
[trademark policy]:
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