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<!-- Previous week's meeting notes: -->
# Meeting — August 7, 2018
Attendees: msiep, smichel17, wolftune
<!-- Decide which carry-overs should be on the agenda / deleted / carried over again -->
## Carry-overs
## tracking ops tasks for just server maintenance
- NEXT STEP: Review/capture ops priorities [chreekat, in his own list]
## Dev volunteer recruitment
- NEXT STEP: Include this "call for frontend/backend split help" in discourse announce [added to draft:]
## Better visibility for weekly meetings (esp. including inviting people who aren't core contributors/team)
- NEXT STEP: post a discourse announcement about weekly meetings <>
<!-- Share metrics / status reports -->
<!-- Add agenda items below -->
<!-- Decide where to capture outstanding tasks -->
<!-- Closing round -->
<!-- Capture TODOs -->
<!-- Add meeting notes to wiki -->
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