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# Meeting — May 15, 2018
Attendees: wolftune, smichel17, msiep, fr33domlover
<!-- Add agenda items below -->
## User Stories and task process, sources of changes
- free: where do changes / US's come from?
- msiep: US's capture requirements, aren't necessarily smallest tasks, identifies needs but not all the steps to achieve it
- US's justify tasks but aren't the tasks themselves
- is example of issue with separate tasks as checklist
- in meeting, we tried tweaks with TODOs in GitLab, using @mentions next to check-boxes and separating tasks that can be done at once versus ones that must wait for the earlier chunks, we'll see how that goes
## Carry-overs
### Breaking things into tiny chunks, easy/short
- NEXT STEP: develop process for grooming / regular (weekly?) review of GitLab issues etc., assigned: wolftune
- NEXT STEPS: collect a short static wiki page of "short things to do to help"
- NEXT STEPS: make GitLab tags for: Urgent, Important, Quick, Easy
### engaging on Discourse
- NEXT STEP: write intros:
- NEXT STEP: post a discourse topic about people coming to meetings (who aren't core contributors/team)… [wolftune/Salt]
NEXT STEP: Salt opens Discourse topic on planning useful pinned topics (fpbot, etc)
- NEXT STEP: capture all the steps below as outreach issues
- NEXT STEP: make a pinned post encouraging people to introduce themselves (some guidance about what sorts of things to mention)
- NEXT STEP: add pinned posts to welcome that are the guides to Discourse and community guideline links, FAQ…
### Project outreach steps
- NEXT STEP: schedule meeting to work on kanban sorting for recruiting
### 1-on-1 checkins
- NEXT STEP: wolftune will start to do this a bit
- NEXT STEP: wolftune will create a role for this (volunteer coordinator?)
- NEXT STEP: wolftune with look for someone to fill the role
### governance roles overhaul
- NEXT STEP: wolftune will work on list of roles and defined responsibilities for accepting *any* role
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