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<!-- Previous week's meeting notes: -->
# Meeting — July 10, 2018
Attendees: fr33domlover, MSiep, Salt, smichel17, wolftune
<!-- Add agenda items below -->
## local groups in Discourse
- wolftune: We could use tags on posts within the announce category to replace the portland list.
- wolftune: This was enough overlap with your (Salt)'s area that I wanted to check with you first, whether that sounds reasonable.
- Salt: It does.
- Salt: I plan on being at cls and oscon, but not at talks.
- wolftune: I have an expo pass, will be in the expo hall.
- <More logistics>
## Design check-in
- <discussion about what we should focus on, too many things brought up to take good notes>
## Carry-overs
<!-- Review status of carry-overs -->
<!-- Decide where to capture outstanding tasks (new & carryover) -->
## Board priorities
- Tracked at:
## engaging on Discourse (outreach repo; Salt, but not today)
- NEXT STEP: write intros:
- NEXT STEP: post a discourse announcement about meetings status (including inviting people who aren't core contributors/team)… [wolftune/Salt]
- NEXT STEP: Salt opens Discourse topic on planning useful pinned topics (fpbot, etc)
- NEXT STEP: add pinned posts to welcome that are the guides to Discourse and community guideline links, FAQ…
<!-- Capture TODOs -->
<!-- Add meeting notes to wiki -->
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